RECOFIL(TM) Pneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust from Fume Filters

RECOFIL(TM)  Pneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust from Fume Filters

Thanks to many years of experience in dust filtration WAM® today is capable of offering a new unique and dedicated solution for automatic dust recovery from filter hoppers: the RECOFIL(TM). This equipment is the best solution to match market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, environmental protection and price.

RECOFIL(TM) is an economic, pneumatic dust recovery device which has been specially developed for installation beneath filter hoppers.

RECOFIL(TM) automatically removes the dust collected inside the filter hopper conveying it to a storage device. There is no filter stoppage and there is no need for any manual operation.
This is possible thanks to an innovative patented system that utilises the air pressure from the filter to convey the dust in dilute phase without any further equipment required.
Thanks to its unique features the RECOFIL(TM) system solves all maintenance and environmental problems.
In combination with the TECU Fume & Dust Filter and the EASYFILL(TM) Bulk Bag Filler, the RECOFIL(TM) radically reduces maintenance costs versus traditional solutions with a very quick return on investment.
The complete system can manage simultaneously up to 4 filters.
The programmable POWERFIL(TM) control panel makes supervision of the fully automatic operation superfluous.

Эксплуатационные качества и технические характеристики ї преимущества

  • Throughput: up to 60 kg/h (132.3 lb/h)
  • Supply pressure: 2 to 6 bar (29 to 87 PSI)
  • Air consumption: 18 Nm3/h (10.6 cfm)
  • Weight: 16 kg (35.3 lb)
  • Diameter: 440 mm (17.3 in)
  • Height: 410 mm (16.1 in)
  • Compressed air connection: Ѕ”
  • Conveying duct diameter: 1”
  • Length of conveying duct: 10 m (32.8 ft)
  • Body material: High-resistance SINT® engineering polymer
  • Temperature: -20 / 60 °C (-4 / 140 °F)
  • Distance: standard max. 10 m (32.8 ft)
  • Height: standard max. 5 m (16.4 ft)
  • Dust particle size: standard max. 3 mm (0.1 in)
  • Electrical connection: 230 V AC — 50/60 Hz
  • Quick return on investment;
  • Zero labour for filter emptying;
  • No plant downtime;
  • Reduced running costs;
  • No operator supervision required (automatic operation controlled by intelligent control panel);
  • Reduced compressed air consumption versus traditional pneumatic systems;
  • No dust leakage;
  • No dust risk for maintenance personnel;
  • Clean work environment;
  • Minimum space required;
  • Lightweight and compact dimensions;
  • Hardly any maintenance required;
  • Easy to fit or retrofit.

Опции и аксессуары:
RECOFIL(TM) can be supplied alone (with a connection pipe) or as part of a complete dust recovery system which consists of the POWERFIL(TM) Electronic Control Panel and the EASYFILL(TM) FIBC filling and storage device.