EI Bucket Elevators

EI Bucket Elevators
The EI version of Bucket Elevators has been specifically developed for vertical elevation of fine aggregates and minerals. They have been designed to operate at low speed and are manufactured from extra-thick hot-galvanised carbon steel. The machines consist of a head and a foot section which include solidly mounted roller bearing units as supports for the bucket carrier belt, a variable number of trunkings, an intermediate trunking section for bucket assembly and inspection, along with all the other sheet-metal casings necessary for the enclosure of the machine. The particular design of the buckets manufactured from abrasion-resistant Nylon PA6 offers extended durability versus the highly abrasive materials handled.
The wide range of options and accessories enable a great variety of applications of EI-type Bucket Elevators providing highly efficient state-of-the-art performance in compliance with the relevant standards.

EI-type Bucket Elevators are used for vertical elevation of fine aggregates such as carbonates, lime, limestone, sludge, sand, minerals and similar materials dry, powdery, abrasive, non packing materials that have a particle size between 0.4 and 1.8 kg/dm3 and a slide angle of less than 40 degrees.
The material is introduced into a loading hopper which is included in the foot section. There the material is continuously picked up by appropriately shaped buckets which are fixed at an equal distance to an endless belt that rotates around a foot and a head roller wheel. The buckets are discharged through an outlet spout in the head section by centrifugal force after having passed the upper roller wheel. EI Bucket Elevators are used in material handling and storage plants, as well as in different types of material processing plants.
EI Bucket Elevators are used in handling and storage plants, wastewater and sludge treatment plants, in ceramics processing, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in dry building material processing plants.

Эксплуатационные качества и технические характеристики ї преимущества

  • Throughput range between 13 and 600 m3/h (depending on type of application)
  • Discharge height between 3.4 and 44 metres (depending on type of application)
  • Surface treatment: completely hot-galvanised
  • Direct mounted gear motor with torque limiting
  • Plexiglass inspection covers on inlet and outlet section
  • Easily operated adjustment devices
  • ATEX versions on requests
  • Version completely in stainless steel on request
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation thanks to quick connection between components
  • Compliance with relevant standards
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Great variety of options and accessories
  • Durable in time with minimum maintenance requirements